What we do

We can help the Life Sciences (LS) Industry to reduce costs by
adopting eCTD industry standards and identifying optimal business
benefits with proven methodologies.

The competitive advantage must be based on the compounds/
devices discovered and developed and not, e.g. on how a
CRF was designed, or even how the data was collected,
manipulated or stored.

The protocol designs & documents, CRFs, Statistical Analysis
Plans, Data Analyses and Reports, Clinical Study Reports,
eSubmission Datasets, using the eCTD Format > Reaching the
heavily required Clinical Effectiveness.

We belief that the more the Industry standardizes all aspects of
the development to market process, the more all will gain, the
more it can reduce Time to Market, and the sooner patients can
receive new/enhanced treatments!

At your service

n experienced, global and knowledgeable team in the emerging
eCompliance service market for an industry that is highly regulated.
This is the area we have specialized in: Enterprise eCompliance
while moving from paper to electronic, affecting business processes in
this field and …… a new perception of quality.

As LS companies face the most current challenges in this arena our
multinational, multicultural teams can deliver value and best practice out
of past individual customer engagements: As to the implementation
of the electronic Common Technical Document (ICH eCTD) global standards
LSCP has a solid foundation with its LSCP has a solid foundation with its
eCTD Move Competence Center, that was founded by the Core Team mid
2003, in conjunction with eCompliance and RM in such transitions.

Our aim is to build a long-term, sustainable relationship, based on client
satisfaction, along with our motivated staff, as these is our most important
asset and the prerequisite for our mutual success. We maintain our huge
wealth of knowledge, our many years of experience you can leverage at fair
prices and our worldwide network of contacts through Alliance Partners
to the optimal benefit of everyone involved.